Pictured as a four year old child deeply moved aboard the Lindinger Ferry "Westerland". This fantastic vessel is still sailing between the islands of Sylt (Germany) and Roemoe (Denmark).

Photo Wolfram Schütt.


As far back as I can remember , I was mainly interested in ships and maritime matters. This interest has lasted continuously until today. Being colorblind I could not go to sea, but joining the German navy for one year was possible. Four years employment in an after-school job at Firma Wiedling brought contact with enthusiasts like Dr. Michael Götz and Norbert Bröcher, who encouraged me to build first masters in scale 1:1250.


profilbuddelschiff.jpg First income with bottle ships. Undoubtedly it was more easy to learn how to place ships in bottles, than to tie the knot around the neck of the bottle...


While during schooltime my pocketmoney was stocked up by building ships in bottles, the miniatures in scale 1:1250 were used to add some additional money while studying. Finally, when the situation in Germany become very unlucky for a young architect, it ended being main income – job- profession.



The concept for a new coastal express ship (Hurtigruta) that should not become a cruiseship. See the „Nordstjernen IV“ as a technical drawing and as a scalemodell 1:200.





While studing architecture I was skilled as a modelbuilder in general and after only two years working as an architect, I was able to adapt some parts of the newly won experiences to use them for professional model building. 


SInce 1997, Risawoleska is not just a Hobby, but a profession.


profilinfratest.jpg In the beginning there was a huge order from a opinion research institut Infratest Burke, who was willing to surprise a number of surprised(?) customers with a blue version of the Containership "Bremen Express". Norbert Bröcher, who took part in this happy collaboration gave the project name „cough candy“ to the very blue ship....


Since 1999 my wife is involved in the production! 


profilbemalungmargit.jpg Seen trough the window of the working place, my wife is sitting at a whole edition of models to be painted on a cold winters evening.


Our spectrum consists of mainly Scandinavian shipping, but also it includes American Standard Ships, Germanys coastal passenger services and last, but not least, the famous norwegian „Hurtigruta“, the so-called Hurtigruta, which I fell in love with by making five journes on old ships. 


  Our philosophy is that the best advertising for the models are the models themselves. 


In addition our business operates to the following principles: 

- The production lines are linked to each other. The decision, about what ship to build will mainly be done within these production lines, but not only determined by commercial considerations, but by simple sympathy to the ship.

- Ship histories: The free of charge shall help, we hope, to transfer our enthusiasm and knowledge to our customers and enable them to share our interest. In addition, we hope to awaken interest and curiosity beyond already familar known areas of interest.

- The ship histories are highly qualified sources for our customers without any additionaly cost.

- The once started production lines will be reliable and steadily continued for the duration of the production run.


profilfredolsen.jpg Continuity shall be watchword, to go on with production once started. Here it is the development in Fred. Olsen ships, portrayed by Risawoleska.


- And – last but not least – we do not build ship models for ships we do not like. Only this will guarantee, that we can do our work with the enthusiasm that is necessary to create models of outstanding quality. 


Collecting models requires a substantial amount of money and patience from you. Our role is to work with intensity and dedication to provide you, the customer, with models of unique craftsmanship and artistry. It is our belief, that by creating models of a uniquely high standard in comparision with normal products of mass produced shipmodels, we will succeed in keeping the passion in the collectors and the joy in producing. This is not only our own belief, but also that of many collecting friends, and we have had success in this so far. This is, what we are proud about and we intend that this will continue. 


The „company“ Risawoleska (offiziell Dipl. Ing. (FH) Burkhard Schütt) is located in a small home, build by the grandperents of my wife in 1934 at the southern borderline of München. Having 88 sqaremeters for five persons, these have to share the scarce space with the Risawoleska-company 


This causes the limited flexibility within single parts of production process, which is the reason for long waiting periods our customers need to accept by waiting for one or the other model. 


But not only our customers, but as well all family members have to give sacrifice at times, although we like the strong links between work and family life.


So a distance between profession and private life is hardly to be found and we do hope, that this pleasing situation can be kept for the future.


We are appreciative of the increasing regard in which our models are held by our customers, and in addition we are very fortunate that many of our customers have become our friends also!


profilbs_jpg.jpg Last but not least, it would be marvellous, if you would collect with the same inspiration, we do produce models for you!

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