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Model No. Ship Name Type Nat.Owner Nat.Charter Company Year Act.Year Image avail Price € Cart
Ri-0224Del Sud
PAUSADelta1947NEW130.00 €
Ri-0225Del Mar
PAUSADelta1947NEW130.00 €
PAPLPLN1935NEW138.00 €
Ri-Z007 Routemaster
Ri-Z008Daimler Fleetline
Ri-Z009a Nohab Diesellok
Ri-0160cRomo Express
FYNRømø-Sylt 2019NEW120.00 €
Ri-0160dRomo Express
FYNRømø-Sylt 2019NEW120.00 €
Ri-0730cIonic Ferry
roter Rumpf, Townsend Thoresen Beschrifung
FYGBTownsend T19671986NEW118.00 €
Ri-0730dIonic Ferry
dunkelblauer Rumpf, P&O Beschriftung
FYGBHowill Shi19671991NEW120.00 €
Ri-0053Prinsessan Birgitta
FYSSessan1974NEW130.00 €
Ri-0053cStena Scandinavica
vor Umbau
FYSStena19741981NEW130.00 €
Ri-0505 Western Flyer
FFUSA1937NEW28.50 €
FYSRederi Ab 19721972NEW115.00 €
Ri-0053bPrinsessan Birgitta
Tor Line Schornstein
FYSSessan Tor19741980NEW130.00 €
Ri-0053aPrinsessan Birgitta
Schwarzer Mast hinten
FYSSessan1974NEW130.00 €

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